Jai Shivaray

The Shivneri Marathon to be held at the 'Cradle of Swarajya', will be a unique, one of its kind experience which will help you relieve history.

  • Date: 18th Feb 2024
  • Race Categories: 5km,10km and 21km.
  • About: Shivneri is the birthplace of the Greatest Maratha Emperor Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, whose vision and clarion call of Swarajya restored self respect for all the subsequent generations. The run will pass along the foothills of the iconic Shivneri fort with a roller coaster course which will pleasantly surprise you. The organizers - Shivneri Trekkers, promise to support you in this historical run and surreal experience. It is an opportunity for you to pay tribute to the Chatrapati and a good educational experience for the kids.

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